When are Schools Opening in 2024?

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By William Henry

The South African school calendar for 2024 is essential for students, parents, and teachers to plan their year. It includes important dates such as the start and end of school terms, holidays, and exam periods. Knowing these dates helps everyone stay organized and prepared for the academic year ahead. Here is a simple overview of the key dates in the South African school calendar dates for 2024.

When are Schools Opening in 2024

South African School Calendar Dates 2024 for Public Schools

The Department of Basic Education has provided a summary of the 2024 school year for public schools in South Africa. The academic year will consist of 43 weeks, including 205 (209) days in total. Out of these, 203 (207) days are designated as school days, with the remaining days accounting for public holidays. This schedule ensures that students have ample time for learning, as well as breaks to rest and recharge.

Here is a breakdown of the data in tables:

Weeks in the School YearTotal DaysPublic HolidaysSchool Days
43205 (209)2+0203 (207)

When are Schools Opening in 2024?

This table clearly outlines the structure of the 2024 school year, making it easy for students, parents, and teachers to understand and plan accordingly.

The 2024 academic year for public schools in South Africa begins on 17 January and concludes on 11 December. This calendar includes important dates and holidays that help students, parents, and teachers plan effectively for the year ahead. Below is a detailed overview of the key dates:

Term 1:

Public Holiday: New Year’s DayMonday, 1 January 2024
Administration Days15-16 January 2024
Term 1 BeginsWednesday, 17 January 2024
Term 1 EndsWednesday, 20 March 2024
Public Holiday: Human Rights DayThursday, 21 March 2024
School Holidays22 March – 2 April 2024

This schedule ensures a structured and balanced school year, allowing for effective learning periods and sufficient breaks for rest and holidays.

Term 2:

For Term 2 of the 2024 academic year, public schools in South Africa will have several important dates and public holidays. Here is a detailed overview:

Term 2 BeginsWednesday, 3 April 2024
Term 2 EndsFriday, 14 June 2024
Public Holiday: Good FridayFriday, 29 March 2024
Public Holiday: Family DayMonday, 1 April 2024
Public Holiday: Freedom DaySaturday, 27 April 2024
Public Holiday: Workers’ DayWednesday, 1 May 2024
Public Holiday: Youth DaySunday, 16 June 2024
Public HolidayMonday, 17 June 2024
School Holidays18 June – 8 July 2024

This schedule ensures that students have ample time for education while observing significant national holidays, making it easier for families to plan their activities around the school year.

Term 3:

In Term 3 of the 2024 school year for public schools in South Africa, students, parents, and teachers can expect the following important dates and holidays:

Term 3 BeginsTuesday, 9 July 2024
Term 3 EndsFriday, 20 September 2024
Public Holiday: National Women’s DayFriday, 9 August 2024
Public Holiday: Heritage DayTuesday, 24 September 2024
School Holidays23 – 30 September 2024

This schedule allows for focused learning periods interrupted by breaks that coincide with national observances, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience throughout the year.

Term 4:

In Term 4 of the 2024 school year, South African public schools will observe the following key dates and holidays:

School StartsTuesday, 1 October 2024
School EndsWednesday, 11 December 2024
Administration Days12-13 December 2024
Public Holiday: Day of ReconciliationMonday, 16 December 2024
Public Holiday: Christmas DayWednesday, 25 December 2024
Public Holiday: Day of GoodwillThursday, 26 December 2024

This schedule ensures that students complete their academic year with adequate time for exams and administrative tasks, followed by holidays to celebrate national and religious events.


What is the school calendar in South Africa?

The school calendar in South Africa typically includes four terms starting in January and ending in December, interspersed with holidays and public observances throughout the year.

How long are the June school holidays in South Africa?

In South Africa, the June school holidays typically span from mid-June to early July, lasting approximately two to three weeks, depending on the specific school’s schedule and term dates.

How many public holidays are there in South Africa 2024?

There are total of 25 days off for South Africa in 2024.

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