Blooket Game Modes

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By William Henry

Blooket Join has 14 Game Modes for teachers and students. These game modes are designed to engage the students in collaborative learning. All modes are full of fun and thrillers that stick the students to the learning environment.

This guide will explore all the Blooket game modes and their features of gameplay. You will know what is the genre of these games and how you can get amusement from these gameplays.

Blooket Game Modes in 2024

There are currently 14 game modes in the Blooket gameplay. Let’s explore all the gameplays and their basic game stories.

  1. Pirate Voyage
  2. Gold Quest
  3. Crypto Hack
  4. Fishing Frenzy
  5. Tower Defence 2
  6. Monster Brawl
  7. Deceptive Dinos
  8. Battle Royale
  9. Tower Defence
  10. Cafe
  11. Factory
  12. Racing
  13. Blook Rush
  14. Classic

Pirate Voyage:

Enjoy a thrilling adventure as a pirate, navigating the seas to uncover hidden treasures scattered across mysterious islands. Solve challenging questions to steer your ship safely through treacherous waters, collecting valuable gold coins along the way.

Gold Quest:

Step into the shoes of a daring treasure hunter, scouring exotic locations in search of legendary gold artifacts. Test your knowledge and intuition by answering questions that lead you closer to the elusive treasures, racing against the clock to claim your riches before time runs out.

Crypto Hack:

Enter the world of cyber espionage as a skilled hacker, tasked with unraveling complex codes and uncovering hidden secrets. Sharpen your intellect by answering questions that serve as clues to crack intricate encryption levels, unlocking valuable information, and outsmarting adversaries.

Fishing Frenzy:

Indulge in the serene beauty of nature as an avid fisherman, casting your line into shimmering waters teeming with exotic marine life. Put your cognitive skills to the test by answering questions to earn bait and upgrade your fishing equipment, aiming to reel in the biggest and rarest catches.

Tower Defence 2:

Fortify your stronghold and prepare for battle as waves of enemies relentlessly assail your defenses. Strategically position defensive towers and deploy tactical maneuvers, utilizing your knowledge to reinforce your stronghold and emerge victorious against the relentless onslaught.

Monster Brawl:

Enter the arena and unleash your inner warrior as you face off against formidable monsters in epic battles of skill and strategy. Utilize your wits to answer questions, unleash devastating attacks, and master combat techniques to triumph over your monstrous adversaries.

Deceptive Dinos:

Journey back in time to a world ruled by mighty dinosaurs, where survival hinges on your ability to identify friends from foes. Navigate prehistoric landscapes and encounter ancient creatures, answering questions to evade danger and navigate safely through the perilous terrain.

Battle Royale:

Enter the ultimate test of survival as you compete against fellow contenders in a pulse-pounding battle for supremacy. Utilize your knowledge to secure powerful weapons and outmaneuver opponents, emerging as the last player standing in a thrilling showdown of intellect and skill.

Tower Defence:

Prepare for intense tower defense warfare as you fend off hordes of relentless enemies intent on breaching your defenses. Utilize strategic planning and quick thinking to answer questions and fortify your towers, thwarting enemy advances and securing victory for your stronghold.


Dip yourself in the hustle and bustle of a bustling café, where delicious aromas and delectable treats await eager patrons. Put your culinary expertise to the test by answering questions to serve up mouthwatering dishes, delighting customers, and expanding your menu to culinary perfection.


Adopt the role of an industrious factory worker, tasked with optimizing production and streamlining operations to meet demanding quotas. Answer questions to acquire essential resources and upgrade machinery, driving efficiency and success in the fast-paced world of manufacturing.


Experience the thrill of high-speed competition as you rev your engines and race against the clock to reach the finish line. Put your knowledge to the test by answering questions to unlock turbocharged boosts and outmaneuver opponents, claiming victory in exhilarating races across diverse terrain.

Blook Rush:

Embark on a fast-paced dash through challenging obstacles and perilous hazards as you race to reach the finish line. Answer questions to uncover shortcuts and power-ups, navigating treacherous terrain with speed and agility to emerge triumphant in the adrenaline-fueled rush to victory.


Engage in timeless trivia fun as you pit your knowledge against friends and foes in a battle for intellectual supremacy. Answer questions across a myriad of topics, earning points and showcasing your expertise as you compete for the coveted title of trivia champion.

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