How Much is a Motherboard Cost in 2024?

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By Umair Sajjad

With the start of the new year, gamers are rushing to create new PCs for gaming. As the market has been down for the last 6 months, many players wonder how much a motherboard will cost in 2024. Today, I am going to guide all the gamers who want to build a new gaming PC or laptop in 2024. Read this post and learn about what are the prices of PC components especially motherboards in this new year.

What is the Price of Motherboards in 2024?

There is no specific answer to this question as motherboards come in different shapes, features, and styles. However, you can get a complete idea in the table below.

mobo prices
MotherbaordPrice in 2024
Budget Motherboards$30 – $100
Mid-Range Motherboards$100 – $250
High-End Motherboards$250 – $500
Enthusiast/Gaming Motherboards$500 – $800
Professional/Workstation Motherboards$800 and above

What Motherboard Should I Buy for My PC or Laptop?

So you are confused about buying a new motherboard for your PC or laptop and that is why I have created this post. I will guide you with the help of my experience and testing results to buy a motherboard for your PC.

Here are the factors that you need to choose and then you can get a detailed idea about what type of mobo you need and what is the price of that mobo.

Motherboard for Gaming: Features and Cost

If you are a gamer and want to build a new gaming PC then you will definitely need a gaming motherboard.:

  • Chipset: Opt for a motherboard with a gaming-oriented chipset, such as Intel Z690 or AMD B550.
  • VRM Quality: Ensure good VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) quality for stable power delivery, crucial for overclocking.
  • RAM Slots: Look for higher RAM slots (at least 4) to support your gaming and multitasking needs.
  • PCIe Slots: You will need to have multiple PCIe slots for future GPU upgrades or the addition of expansion cards.
  • Connectivity: Consider picking up the Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and multiple USB ports as it can enhance your gaming experience.
  • RGB Lighting: If aesthetics matter, choose a motherboard with customizable RGB lighting.

Cost Range for Gaming Motherboards:

  • Budget: $100 – $200
  • Mid-Range: $200 – $300
  • High-End: $300 and above

Motherboard for Video Editing:

For video editing, focus on features that enhance processing power and data transfer speeds:

  • Chipset: Consider a motherboard with a chipset like Intel Z690 or AMD X570 for better performance.
  • VRAM Support: Look for support for higher RAM capacities, as video editing can be memory-intensive.
  • Storage Options: Multiple M.2 slots for fast NVMe SSDs and SATA ports for additional storage.
  • PCIe Lanes: More PCIe lanes can support additional high-speed peripherals for efficient video editing.
  • Thunderbolt Support: If possible, choose a motherboard with Thunderbolt ports for fast data transfer.

Cost Range for Video Editing Motherboards:

  • Mid-Range to High-End: $200 – $400

General Use Motherboard:

If your PC usage is general, including web browsing and office tasks, you can go for a more 

budget-friendly option:

  • Chipset: Opt for a mid-range chipset that balances performance and cost, like Intel H510 or AMD B450.
  • RAM and Storage Support: Adequate RAM and storage options for daily tasks, usually 16GB RAM and support for SSDs.
  • Integrated Graphics Support: Look for integrated graphics support if you’re not using a dedicated GPU.

Cost Range for General Use Motherboards:

  • Budget to Mid-Range: $50 – $150

Content Creation Motherboard:

For content creation tasks like graphic design or 3D rendering, consider:

  • Chipset: Choose a high-end chipset like Intel Z690 or AMD X570 for optimal performance.
  • RAM and Storage: Support for high-capacity RAM and fast storage options for large files.
  • Multi-GPU Support: If using multiple GPUs accelerates your workloads, look for SLI or CrossFire support.

Cost Range for Content Creation Motherboards:

  • High-End: $300 and above


What is the best and most affordable motherboard in 2024?

The “Best” depends on your needs. If you are a gamer then the definition of “Best” would be different from if you are a regular PC user. So there is no one fit for all types of mobo in the market.

Is it worth it to replace a motherboard?

Yes, if you are using an old version of mobo and your task is heavy then upgrading your mobo is a good idea.

What is the normal price for a motherboard?

The normal pieces of mobo start from $30 and go to $100.

How much does a new motherboard cost in the USA?

If you are living in the USA then you will get a mobo for $30.


I hope you will have a great idea of motherboard prices in 2024. If you need to know anything about the prices you can ask me in the comment section. Also, do not forget to share your experience with me. Tell me what motherboard you are using. Thanks for visiting.

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