GPU Sales Dropped to Lowest Prices Ever in 20 Years

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By William Henry

GPU is the best thing when it comes to gaming. Without GPU, a gamer is like a soldier without any weapon. So today we have news about GPU sales. During the bull run of Bitcoin, people started to mine Ethereum with graphics cards. Due to this, we have seen a huge GPU shortening in the market. Also, the prices of graphics cards also hit an all-time high during that time. After that, we got into the pandemic where people stayed all day at home and they preferred to play games on PC so the demand for desktop graphics cards increased one more time. However, during the last quarter of 2022, we have seen that the mining of Ethereum is already dead, people are also going back to regular life and the pandemic is almost over. So the prices of these same GPUs have decreased to an all-time low during the last twenty years.

According to Jon Peddie Research,  manufacturers of GPU have shipped almost 6.9 million standalone graphics boards for PC gamers. However, they also ship the GPU for laptops so if we make a total of all shipments then all the major companies like Nvidia, Intel, and AMD mutually shipped around 14 million standalone graphics processors this year. And this is a flat -42% down in comparison to previous years.

Highlights of GPU Arrivals From 2022

  • Nvidia launched its Lovelace RTX 4000 and Hopper family as well
  • MetaX confirmed to offer a full fledge consumer gaming GPU
  • RDNA 3 GPU was launched by AMD
  • Finally, we see Arc A750 and A770 from Intel
  • MediaTek launched real-time ray tracing for their immortals SoC
  • Qualcomm also offered the same thing with their Snapdragon SoC

Nvidia Got 86% Increase in Shares Despite the Lowest Shipment

When we are talking about the lowest prices and shipment of GPUs, Nvidia has done an amazing job. They get a straight 86% increase in their market share position. Also, Intel has gained a 4% market share in the desktop GPU market which is okay with Intel. However, AMD did not survive well and they went down 10% in the last quarter of 2022.

What Would We Expect in 2023?

However the pandemic and bull run of Bitcoin have been over so we could see a drop in the market in 2023. The reason behind the drop-down is the end of Ethereum mining. The hype was created due to mining and almost all of the users started to mine cryptocurrency which created a huge demand for graphics cards in the market. And due to the higher demand, companies like Nvidia and AMD increased the prices of GPUs by 50% to 100%. However, the dust is now settled so the hype is over now.

Our prediction for 2023 is that we can see a more drop in the shipment of new GPUs and this is because now only passionate gamers are using GPUs. However, let’s see what the new year brings for gamers, and let’s hope for good. And a happy new year from Tech Gamen!

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