Our Team

At Tech Gamen, we are offering all types of content related to tech. Here are our expert writers and researchers who are making efforts to provide first-hand experience about tech-related stuff. Whether it is about choosing the best motherboard for your gaming PC or it is a bug in your BIOS that is restraining you from enjoying your favorite game, we have solutions for you.

Meet Our Writers

Umair Sajjad – Lead Writer, Editor & Researcher

Umair is an electrical engineer by profession but his passion for gaming and tech led him to a career in tech writing. He has been building custom PCs since his college days and loves overclocking CPUs and tweaking BIOS settings to get maximum performance.

At Tech Gamen, Umair writes in-depth buying guides, and DIY tutorials, and reviews the latest PC components like GPUs, CPUs, RAM kits, and more. His engineering background allows him to fully understand the technical nitty-gritty of PC hardware and explain complex concepts in layman’s terms. When he is not writing or gaming, you can find Umair tinkering with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.

William Henry – Writer

William is our resident gamer who bleeds pixels. He has been gaming since the days of Windows 95 and old-school NES consoles. His passion is playing the latest AAA titles and indie gems across multiple platforms like PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. William brings real-world gaming experience to our reviews and buying guides.

He thoroughly benchmarks GPUs, CPUs, monitors, and other gaming gear to provide accurate performance results and detailed analysis. As a computer science engineer, William understands how software and hardware need to work synergistically for the best gaming experience. He also writes troubleshooting guides for common PC gaming issues. Outside of Tech Gamen, William enjoys live-streaming his gaming sessions and discussing everything gaming related on Reddit and gaming forums.