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BIOSTAR Introduced a New B650M-Silver Motherboard for Ryzen™ 7000 Series Processors

This morning (26 Dec 2022) in Taipei, Taiwan, Biostar , a big company in PC hardware manufacturing, introduced the latest gaming motherboard. They have named ...

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What Motherboard Has the Most RAM Slots?

The old quote goes that ” The bigger the better” and when it comes to RAM slots on a motherboard, this definitely holds true. More ...

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What is a Motherboard eSATA Port?

We have been using USB and FireWire as connecting switches for so long but we all know that these connecting methods always lag when compared ...

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What Motherboard has the Most USB Ports?

If you are wondering about what motherboard has a maximum number of USB ports then here is the answer. American Portwell Technologies is the company ...

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